Sunday, January 10, 2010

has it been that long - back in the kitchen

I posted in Sept. Then we moved, my husband deployed, the holidays hit and well, baking for one, isnt always fun.

However, this past week winter hit in Georgia. So back in the kitchen I went. Using the oven warms my house.

I tried a new white. It is called Amish White Bread . It was a very simple bread to make, probably good for a beginner. Makes two loaves. Was very soft and just ever so slightly sweet. I am a not a fan of crust, so for me it was good, the crust was not overly hard. Definitely a keeper.


Next, I made a honey wheat bread. I absolutely loved this bread. I am not a big wheat fan, at all. But I know it is better for me. This one called for honey so it was sweet and that made it easier for me.


Onto 2010. Watch for new recipes at least weekly. I have a bunch I want to try. First up will be croissants. And I bought the P.anera bread cookbook so expect those reviews.

May your new year be healthy and full of good things to eat.

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erin said...

Have you tried using white wheat instead of red wheat? I definitely notice a difference. Do you buy wheat flour or grind your own?