Thursday, May 13, 2010

homemade strawberry pie - sort of

Since my husband is home we recently went strawberry picking. For my local friends we went here / Needless to say we came home with some strawberries.

I have to date made a pie, cleaned and hulled 6 cups and have some reserved for tonights dessert which I will post tonight.

So, we love strawberry pie. I do cheat and get pre made crust because I cannot make a crust to save my life. My mother and grandmother can make great pie crust. Me, not so much.

So I baked my crust. I cleaned and hulled 4 cups of strawberries. I then made this strawberry glaze. It was so easy and so good. I then gently turned in the strawberries and put the mixture in the pie crust. I chilled it then we ate. I top mine with the canned whipped cream. My husband uses cool whip. To each his own.


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Kathryn said...

I still read your blog, and I was thinking when I saw this last week, how yummy it looked!