Friday, May 28, 2010

New Cookbooks

There is something about a new cookbook. I sit down and read cookbooks like I read a regular book.

We live in a smaller town. We have a small bookstore here, but they do not have a large selection of books. So today we went up to the larger town/city close to us. And I hit up a real bookstore. Of course, I walked out with a new cookbook or two. Plus I got a book on smoothies, which is a new love of mine. We live in the deep south and since it gets so hot here in the summer, a smoothie often hit the spot when I do not choose to eat a big lunch .

Anyway, back to my point. New cookbooks. Now, I am pretty frugal when it comes to books. I own so many I need to be practical. So I hit the bargain area. I came across two that I really liked, so they came home with me. I can not wait to see down and read them. I need a dessert to take this weekend, so maybe this will inspire me.



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