Monday, August 30, 2010

oh how I love thee.............

I have a new love or two in my kitchen. I just wanted to share.

I love peanut butter cookies. I am the only one here who eats them. So, I dont make them very often. It takes a while and for me it is not worth it. So I saw this recently and decided to try.

For a mix this is not bad. It does not make a ton of cookies , but they are good. I can see them in cookie jar coming up.

Today I wanted garlic bread. Publix was out of garlic bread. So, I saw this and decided to make my own.

Needless to say. AWESOME. I will definitely get again. I just love it. It was so good. I was told that this was the best garlic bread ever. And from now on this is how will make it .

I just bought some french bread, cut it , slathered it on and baked . So good.

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