Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Recipe Review : Donuts

So who doesn't love donuts? Since I have been baking more, I decided to try this recipe .

Overall, I was impressed. Even my husband commented that they were better than he thought they would be . Makes me feel good as he is my worst critic some days. They were easy to put together.

Now to be honest, I do my mixing and most of kneading in my counter top stand mixer. Makes life easier for me.

I did feel the donuts were a little heavy and the glaze was OK , but did not wow me. Next time I will use a different glaze. Probably do a few in chocolate and add in some sprinkles. I will make them again, for sure. It has been requested that I do .


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abby said...

I still remember one time when we were visiting you all in Cinci and your Mom made homemade donuts! What fun!! Good memories. . .