Thursday, July 8, 2010

Homemade garlic bread

Today was a busy baking day.

Tonight's bread started out as what will I make for dinner? Hmmm, baked spaghetti sounds good. But we have no garlic bread. Oh, let me see what I can find online. Hmm, this one just needs italian bread. Oh, I can make that . Then came another hunt. And most italian bread took to long. So I searched more. And came up with this

Italian Bread

This was one of the easiest loaves of bread I have ever made. The recipe was easy. The only hard part was watching how much flour you add, but I seem to bake enough so I knew when to stop. Rise time was short. Not a lot of shaping. I did cook it for 4 minutes longer.

Then I took my Italian loaf and made it into this

Garlic Bread

I made my butter and let it sit for a bit to get pretty soft. I chose to do the soft version of the bread. I would say it turned out pretty good. We both ate 4 pieces. No need to waste good carbs,

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Allyson said...

But you left out the best part. ;)