Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Entree Sunday : Pasta with Tomatoes

It is new entree Sunday. This morning I asked my husband what he was in the mood for. I was wondering Italian? Mexican? Chinese? He responded Croatian. Well, since I have never even tried to make Croatian food, I decided to do Italian. So, off to the web I went . I looked up Italian recipes and found this site.

After I searched the recipes and wiped the drool off my keyboard, I finally narrowed it down to this recipe.

Pasta with Tomatoes

Recipe Review grade : C+

This was easy to put together . It smelled great while cooking. It was not a bad recipe, but nothing great and grand . It was definitely edible but I am thinking I will not make it again . Neither one of us and our friend who dined with us were overly impressed. I would have guessed with all the spices it would have had a lot of flavor, but it seemed pretty bland.

To go with our dinner I knew I wanted bread, because, if we are being honest here, the best part of a good Italian meal is good bread. Good garlic bread. I have had a recipe saved for a while and decided today was a great day to make it.

Herb Garlic Rolls

My recipe review grade: A-

For a yeast recipe, super easy. They went together east and only had a rise time of an hour. For my herb I used Oregano . These were excellent. Very light in texture. The garlic butter added a lot of flavor. Will definitely make these again for sure.

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Allyson said...

Those rolls look DELISH!!! I trust you beat the sweetness right out of em?